YourVoiceProfessor Voice-Stars. Voice Acting, In Studio.    Bill is a fantastic teacher! He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and will be sure to give feedback where needed, always in a constructive and considerate manner. He is willing to work toward any personal goals related to his teachings, and is highly flexible in the scheduling of lessons.   I started his lessons to learn about voice acting, but I've found that even my everyday voice and speech quality has improved tremendously, largely from his direction. If you are looking to increase the confidence and power of your voice for any reason, I highly recommend Bill as an excellent teacher.   Aaron, Orlando, FL Voice Acting, Online.   Bill is great! Very easy to work with and has great instruction as well as examples!  Audra,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Your seat is waiting for you at our microphone... click here to begin. Speaking Voice, Online. Very impressed with my instructor.  I carefully reviewed all the speaking voice teachers online and weighed my options ... I'm so glad I picked him.  I can't imagine any other teacher would be have been nearly as helpful. Christine,  Lakeland, Florida Voice Acting, Online.   Bill is a great teacher. I really appreciate his knowledge, skill, and approach to voice-acting.    I look forward to working with him more.   Drew, Chicago, Illinois Classes begin at only $30 for a 30 minute class! Vocal Training, Online.  Great guy.   Elijah, Sacramento, California Speaking Voice, Online.   Bill prepared for the lesson in advance. He is supportive, but provides important critiques. Knowledge, experience, warmth.  Ellen,  Baltimore, Maryland In-studio student, Aaron, from Orlando, Florida, studying Voice Acting. Podcasting, Online.  Terrific lesson! Very inspirational and informative!  Time and money well spent! Thanks Bill P! Greg, Los Angeles, CA Online student, Audra, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, studying Voice Acting. Joel, Voice Acting, In Studio.   Bill has been great working with my grandson. Now I can understand what he is saying without having to constantly ask him, “What did you say?”    Patricia,  Sanford, Florida Online student, Ravi, from Dallas, Texas, studying Accent Reduction & Podcasting. Study with an award-winning, professional broadcaster - in-studio or online. Podcasting, Online.     I wanted someone who was not just talented, but could also teach others how to be talented (hence I chose this teacher b/c of his teaching credentials).  The lessons are also very affordable.     John,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Drew is an Online student from Chicago, Illinois, who is studying Voice-Acting. Accent Reduction, Online.   I did not like how I was sounding while speaking so I decided to take a few voice lessons. I'm glad I did! Bill has helped me so much to sound better when speaking as well as be more engaging and enjoyable to listen to. Great coach!   Jon, Camden, New Jersey Ellen from Baltimore, MD, is a YourVoiceProfessor Public Speaking student. Speaking Voice, Online.  Addressed my concerns and anything I would do wrong he'd make me aware of it as well as how to correct it.  Many times I speak in monotone, so it's good to have someone help me correct that.  Looking forward to continuing my lessons. Jorge, Orlando, Florida Joel from Sanford, Florida is an in-studio student studying Speaking Voice. Public Speaking, Online.    Bill is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher, provides practical and effective exercises to get the most of your voice.  Every lesson has been enjoyable and productive, highly recommended.    Joseph,  San Diego, California Click here to begin your VOICE-STAR journey! An In-studio student, John, from Orlando, Florida, is studying Voice Acting. Public Speaking, Online.   Bill is really pretty terrific.  . .  I would highly recommend Bill as a teacher! Try taking one of his classes!   Julie,  Richmond, Virginia Kristin from Westerly, Rhode Island, is a Voice Acting student online. Voice Acting, Online.  The first lesson is very informative with a pretty laid-back feel to it. Laurel,  Clear Lake, Iowa YourVoiceProfessor with Ramona from Beaufort, South Carolina, reviewing her Podcasting lessons. Speaking Voice, Online.  Very happy with Bill.  I am taking the lessons to help my communication skills at work.  Bill takes the time to understand my work situation and give advice on my specific situation. Mark, Orlando, Florida Our next SuperStar is YOU!

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