05.19.2019 WORKPLACE LAB, Episode 44

In this episode, I interview Bill Patti, a life-long voice coach who has helped hundreds find their very best selves by tweaking their speaking voices. We discuss a variety of ways your voice can help you position yourself credibly at work, and I ask Bill for tips on how to tweak your voice if you’ve fallen into bad speaking habits. I also ask Bill for his views of how women can avoid some common gender pitfalls with just their tone of voice.


5/29/18 – The Business Power Hour
Hosted by Deb Krier

This is from Ms. Krier’s Facebook post:

I’m not often nervous before interviewing a guest, but I’ll be honest, I was with the fabulous Bill Patti of YourVoiceProfessor! What if I said “ummm,” “you know” and other affectations? What if I mumbled? But, Bill was terrific! If you have to speak in front of two or two thousand, give interviews, and basically talk with anyone, Bill provided so many great tips! Here’s the link to listen to the interview on C-Suite Radiohttps://bit.ly/2JrHQ9a.

2/17/18 – The Mike Kara Radio Show:  The Central Florida Buzz
An Interview With Bill Patti, Long-time, award-winning, national, Radio/TV personality and voice-over talent, and the founder and owner of “YourVoiceProfessor”
The topic for the day is “Presenting Your New Voice, Voice/Speech Communication Skills For The 21st Century.”
Recorded in person in Orlando, Florida.

1/22/18 – Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Listen to Bill Patti of YourVoiceProfessor on the “Mature Preneurs” Podcast from Queensland, Australia with Diana-Todd Banks. The topic is how to “Unleash The Power Of Your Mature Voice & Reap The Benefits”.

BILL PATTI Founder & President at YourVoiceProfessor
Bill is an award-winning radio and TV announcer, voice-over talent, and
college professor … (Read full bio)