Speaking Skills Top Employer Wish List…

I have some good communication news to share with you.  Employers have written up a wish list and speaking skills tops the list. This is a positive sign for job-seekers who have been taught excellent communication skills.

But Schools Don’t Teach Them

Now, I have some bad communication news to share with you.  Employers say they have trouble finding new hires with good oral-communication skills. Relatively few regular public K-12 schools explicitly teach these skills, and even fewer teach them with real-world workplace scenarios.

That mismatch doesn’t bode well for young people’s job prospects, or for companies searching for new talent.

Employers Need People Who Are Good Communicators

In survey after survey, employers say they need people who are good communicators.  And they say that strong speaking skills are even more important than good reading or writing skills.

In a recently released survey, executives and hiring managers said good oral communication is the skill they want most from job candidates.  It outranked others that get far more public attention, such as critical thinking, solving complex problems, working in teams, and writing well.

Recent College Graduates Rarely Have the Desired Skill

More than 80 percent of the executives and hiring managers surveyed said good verbal skills were very important, but fewer than half said recent college graduates were ready to hit that ball out of the park.

The Prevailing Thought

Perhaps you count yourself as a person who feels 100% that technology will continue to dominate the future communication landscape.  So, you figure that future jobs with be loaded with people who are top heavy in technology skills.  That includes computer type skills ONLY.  Let me be the first to burst your technology bubble.  Sure, you are using, and will continue to use, your phone to do just about everything.  Apps will buy, sell, and trade anything you need…large or small.  Texting is the “shorthand” of the future.  (If that term does not ring a bell… google “shorthand.”)  Still, you feel that there is no need for you to develop people skills, including the ability to speak face to face with your employees or employer.  No need to develop yourself in communication skills you deem old fashioned and passé.  It’s not necessary to have a complete command of the English language, and your ability to speak clearly, maturely and intelligently.  It’s not necessary for you to make a connection with people on a personal level with exciting and interesting conversations based on a clear understanding of how pitch, tone, proper breathing, projection, and resonance play a vital role.  For most today, emoticons are all that are needed to communicate.  Unfortunately, students haven’t been given much practice with good communication skills. 

In summary: 

  • You can’t find a business that doesn’t involve oral communication.  
  • It shows up everywhere on the lists of skills employers value, but no place on the lists of skills teachers feel they need to teach.  
  • Because employers value them, honing your oral-communication skills is more important than ever.
  • Career preparation is less on young people’s minds today since most are totally involved in their technology-saturated lives.  Many live in complete entertainment bubbles, while speaking to each other only digitally.  That means that their face-to-face communication is not as well developed as it used to be.
  • The solution…

Schools Don’t Teach the Skills.
YourVoiceProfessor Does!!!

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YourVoiceProfessor, Bill Patti.

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